Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Competitors And What You Should Focus On

Life is filled with people that are in constant competition with each other, the siblings are always fighting to be better than one another or one student is striving to overtake another in school. There is always one form of competition as we go through life, these rivalries are always in stages and they will surely appear at a particular point in one’s life. In business, companies are sometimes at loggerheads with each other, especially those that are in the same line of business. The constant struggles of which company produces the best or which company product people patronize the most. However, new companies get too engrossed with the power tussle that the essence of their existence fades away.

Worrying about your competition won’t do your company any good; it is like a football team focused on their opponent so much so they don’t focus on their own game. Consequently they end up losing the match. The tobacco industry is a competitive line of business, a lot of companies produce tobacco products but focusing on the other competitors won’t help your business. It is much better to develop your product or service, giving your customers a reason to stick with you. Focusing on your company will help you strategize and devise new methods to make your product appealing to the public. It is imperative that your company doesn’t get too involved with what the competitors are doing, This quote by Brandon Sawalich sums it all up, “don’t lose sleep over your competitors, let them lose sleep over you.”

Paying too much attention to the competition will make you lose sight of what your customers need; your customers will leave if you do not treat them properly. The number one priority of your company is to satisfy your customers needs, every other thing is secondary. One thing you can control is how you serve the customers; you can’t control what the competition does. Focus on making your products well suited for your customers. Pay attention to their needs because times evolve so to does the customer needs. Show your competitors that no one serves your customer better than you, show them who is boss. However, make sure the product you are selling is quality and diverse. Your company should specialize in different types of product for different people in your target market. For example, a tobacco industry doesn’t make only one type of cigarette there are plethora of options to choose from. Give the customers a variety of products to choose from, keep them wanting more and put them first.

Finally, the reason you go to school is not to compete with that student it is to get an education and the essence of playing a football match is to win and not to focus entirely on the other team. In the same vein you don’t go into business focusing on the other teams build your team to become formidable and in no time you will get to the top of the business league.