Ways To Follow Up With Your New Contacts After A Conference

Leading players in business attend industry-based conferences so that they can share business ideas that can uplift the quality of their products in the market. It is also an avenue for budding businesses to get expert advice that can turn them to success overnight. It is good that you are attending the next industry-based conference because it can help you meet leading players in the industry. The experience you would get via the conference could be massive and you have to prepare in advance before the incoming conference. Part of what you are expected to work out is the follow-up mechanism you would adopt for your new contacts at the conference. Since you would need to keep in touch with the new contacts, it is good for you to apply the tips offered below.

  1. Prioritize Your Contacts: It is right to say you won’t need everyone you meet at the conference to move your business forward. So, you should look for contacts that can help you score the goals you have set for your business. As you do this, you will see clearly contacts that must be prioritized and you have to give them your attention. Ensure you stay connected to the contacts you have identified so that you can make your tobacco business grow, as you have always wanted. Once you lay your hands on the business cards of your prioritized contacts, ensure you write few notes about where you met them, what they do, and the few things you discussed.
  1. Stay Connected On Social Media: Almost every businessperson has an account on one social media platform or the other. You have to see the platforms that your prioritized contacts use so that you can always keep in touch with them. As you chat them up, you can remind them about the discussion you had with them in time past. This reminder will surely help you in the long run as it boosts the initial connection that both of you had shared previously.
  1. Create Online Groups With Your New Contacts: The ease of online communication means you can take its advantage by creating groups online for your new contacts. Then, you can move your conversation online but you must be mindful of the time you chat up your contacts. Build up a nice relationship with your contacts as you chat them up via the online groups already created for that purpose. 
  1. Look For Avenue To Meet Your Contacts Again: There is no way you can finalize your business dealings with your contacts at the conference but you can plan to meet them  in the future. This means you will have to get their business cards after you have already exchanged greetings. Lastly, you must be genuine with every conversation you make with your contacts.

These are some of the ways you can follow up your new contacts after every conference you attend.