Tips on How to Pull Yourself Out of a Slump

Nearly all entrepreneurs have faced this issue before. Motivation flees, the mind sags, you’re worn out, you lose appetite and you are washed up and dried out.  The electric feeling that was pushing you further and driving you on has somehow faded.

Being in a slump is not necessarily failure; it is actually only a cessation of being, of doing, and of driving. If you are in a slump as a tobacco retailer, you need to act fast and pull yourself out because if the slump is too long, it can lead to failure. Below are 4 proven ways to get out of a slump as an entrepreneur.

  1. Take a Nice Break

Often times, a slump is a basic precursor to burnout. Your body and mind are giving you signs to slow down or back off before you end up failing.

The best thing to do at this time is to take a good break. You need to get some relaxation, sleep well and most importantly, take a vacation.

The tobacco retail industry is a little crowded so if your business doesn’t have enough foothold yet, don’t take a long vacation but don’t take too short of a vacation either.

  1. List Out Everything That’s Going Right

One of the common reasons entrepreneurs slump is because things are going wrong in their businesses and they are discouraged with everything. There are plateaus, risks, losses and competition. When one thinks about negatives for too long, it will result in a negative response.

What you need to first do is listing out everything that’s going well. You can term it gratitude, mindfulness or thankfulness.

Focusing on the aspects of the business that are going right will make you grateful for them and this will result in a boost of positive physiological responses and emotions.

This will also make you better as an entrepreneur.

  1. Try Your Hand At Your Other Passion

Another common cause of a slump is when a person’s creativity decreases and the mental stamina stops. It is important to try to regain those great creative moments. It is true that the tobacco retail industry doesn’t require too much creativity but this is essential for your growth as an entrepreneur.

A great counterintuitive method to spark your creativity again is to consider another passion rather than the giant problem in front of you.

By conceiving the issue peripherally rather than directly, we can gain enough psychological distance from it. You can break through on your current problems by focusing on another thing entirely.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to think of something else you can work on. This may be a design you want to create, another hobby or an idea for businesses to work on. The main point is finding a nice hobby to focuse your attention on while forgetting about business issues for a while.

  1. Do a Radical Thing With The Business

It is a common saying that Entrepreneurs usually thrive on risk. It is likely the idea of risk enticed you to become an entrepreneur in the first place. If true, risk is also a great way to spark your passions once again.

Taking radical action means taking risk.

Here are some risks that could help you pull out of a slump:

  • Hiring a great salesperson
  • Firing an employee that’s underperforming and holding your business back
  • Acquiring another business
  • Launching a new product
  • Opening a different location

These radical moves will trigger a motivation inside of you and this may be the boost you’ve needed to get back up.