Things to Do and Say after Making a Mistake at Work

Before achieving any personal position or title, we are all humans and making mistake is a common trait so you don’t need to crucify yourself over something wrong you did at work.

The first step is to consider is the impact of the mistake, could it damage your business’s credibility, earnings or public image.

As a tobacco retailer, you are the head of your business and it is normal to feel embarrassed or ashamed after making a big mistake as your entire company looks up to you. What you need to do is to first take a nice, deep breath. By finding a good way to get through it, you’ll build up a reputation for yourself as a fast-thinking problem solver.

Below are tips to help with your recovery plan.

  1. Feel Awful About it For A Short While

When there’s a stressful scenario such as making a blunder at work, it’s natural to respond by feeling embarrassed, frustrated, or distressed for like 10 to 15 seconds. In an ideal situation, the feeling should have passed after 15 seconds. You may still feel a little negative but you should have gotten over the muddle by then.

Sometimes though, emotions may get stuck and keep on building and building. When this occurs, you need to find a health way to let out that pent-up steam as soon as you can. For instance, taking a class in kickboxing, writing in your diary, going for a jog around your block, or talking about it with a friend, coach or therapist who can help you figure out a solution.

  1. Keep Things in Perspective

When you’re upset because of a mistake you made, maintaining a good sense of perspective can be difficult. Try to ensure the way you respond emotionally is in proportion to the mistake you made.

As a tobacco retailer, making a blunder at work is usually not a fatal situation, so you can correct or resolve most mistakes immediately.

  1. If Necessary, Apologize but Don’t Overdo It

As the head of your tobacco retail store, whenever it is necessary to apologize for your blunder, you need to make it brief and swift.

No justifications, no excuses, no flogging yourself verbally. Simply acknowledge your mistake and move on.

  1. Have a Plan For Next Time

In order to avoid making that same mistake again, evaluate the situation and determine what has to be done differently next time. Multi-tasked beyond your capability, rushed too fast, or did you miss an essential detail?

If the issue is something you can address then do it immediately.

  1. Earn People’s Trust Back Through Your Actions

A good strategy to earn the admiration and trust of people back is by delivering great service consistently.

If your work is consistent, the occasional slip-ups or forgetfulness are very likely to be overlooked, forgiven, and forgotten.

The bottom line is that a single mistake doesn’t have to damage your career or life if you handle it the right way.