Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This

Time is one essential thing that never seems to be sufficient. Every day, we make efforts to look for more and more time. The irony, however, is that we all have the same 24 hours in a day, no more no less.

In the place of looking for additional time, how about you consider setting aside time. Wouldn’t that be better? Think about setting aside just one-third of an hour every day, 20 minutes every day seems so insignificant and that’s what makes this so beautiful.

The ultimate question, however, is what should you use these daily 20 minutes you have set aside for? The answer is simple and not far-fetched. Employ every minute to create consistency. This is sure to cause growth both in your life and in your business.

Use these 20 minutes to engage in a singular activity; use it to do just only one thing, just that one activity. Isolate yourself from the world; bolt the door, switch off your Internet connection or even turn off your smartphone if need be. Concentrate on doing just the one thing you chose.

If it’s reading you desire to do with this time, do just that, not anything else. As a tobacco business owner or professional, you could use the time to read up insights on the tobacco industry. You could also elect to read books for personal growth or just read for pleasure.

You could also use this time to brainstorm new ideas for your business. Setting aside a timespan away from all distractions will help you gather your thoughts and think clearly and once you do this consistently, you will keep coming up with great ideas.

You could also use this time to do some menial activities or engage in a hobby. This could be something like writing or even attending to domestic chores at home. You could use it to complete the painting of that wall or other small projects, which gives you the confidence to take on bigger ones.

The 20 minutes could be used to engage in physical exercise if the period is earlier in the day or stress-relieving activities if the time is later in the day after work. These stress-relieving activities can include listing the positives from your day or even something like aromatherapy.

The idea is to create a concentrated and focused effort on accomplishing just one task. This is not groundbreaking stuff although it might turn out to be. It’s rather simple. It’s a way to create consistency and develop positive habits in a gradual fashion.

By setting out a third of an hour on a daily basis, you are developing a habit and habits are powerful. This particular habit is one that will assist you in focusing and performing a singular activity that you consider rather important to you or your business every day.

If you are faithful to just setting a third of an hour every day to do that one important thing, you would be amazed by the results that you would get over time. So, as from today, set 20 minutes aside daily to create consistency.