Pitfalls Entrepreneurs Fall Into When Branding Themselves

There cannot be enough emphasis on the relevance of branding in a company especially in the tobacco industry where competition is very high. Branding is everything, its what the customers remember when they want to get a product or when they think about your company. Some customers can be funny as they patronize some companies because of their fanciful logo. Branding however goes beyond the logo, it is the process of building a formidable image, identity and reputation that customer can associate themselves with.

Branding is like a never ending “maze” that only the skilled and proficient can maneuver their way out to freedom. Entrepreneurs sometimes get trapped or lost in this maze, which may eventually lead to their company crumbling. There are some common pitfalls that entrepreneurs fall into especially those that are just starting out.

The logo your tobacco company goes with is very important, it is what the public will see and identify you with. Not hiring a professional graphic designer for your logo is one of the pitfalls entrepreneurs fall into when branding. A professional graphic designer can create a logo that suits your style with impeccable designs, relevant colors, typography and imagery. This logo should be consistent on all platforms whether social media or other branches of your tobacco company.  Let people know that once they see the ‘L’ anywhere it stands for Lenny’s cigarettes – that’s the power of a solid logo.

To make a positive perception, the copywriting should be spot on; you should be able to know what makes customers tick to influence their actions. This is where some entrepreneurs fall short; some brands lack the ability to string words together to distinguish themselves from other companies. You as an entrepreneur should make your brand standout using creative but yet succinct ways of getting the attention of customers.

Another hurdle entrepreneurs are faced with is staying true to themselves. Some new entrepreneurs customize different attributes of themselves to the public, which destroys consistency. What the public enjoys is a brand that they can rely on and will remain unchanged no matter the weather. Entrepreneurs need to stand firm, sincere and consistent. They also need to know who they are, what their brand represents, what they are good at and channel their resources to being the best. That’s the image you want people to have of your brand.

Some entrepreneurs do not engage themselves or their brand in local events like fundraisers, conferences, children events and others. If you want to be relevant in your community or you want people to recognize your company, get involved in local events that can help build your image. Your brand begins to grow when people benefit from your contributions.

No matter what type of business you are into, your company should be able to seize opportunities as they come. One major problem companies face is not grabbing opportunities. For example, as an entrepreneur you should be able to take advantage of the social media to build your image. Engage the audience, show them what you do, solve their problems and interact with them. There are numerous opportunities out there for entrepreneurs but if they fail to realize them then you will remain trapped in the ‘maze’.