How to Market Your Products to Distributors

Chains of stores generally dominate the tobacco retail industry. However, independent retailers can still make a great impact in their large community.

As a retailer, you will be successful if you employ some tactics such as promotional efforts with the aim of attracting customers, certain business initiatives which target health care providers, allying your business with companies such as a Pharmacy Benefit Manager, as well as marketing your various products to distributors.

If you also provide services that are superior, your consumers will be encouraged to recommend your store to other people. This is very true among seniors as they usually depend on maintenance prescriptions.

You need to develop a good marketing strategy for your business. Here are some ideas on how to boost your operation by marketing your various products to distributors and thereby, reaching your consumers.

  1. Establish A Pipeline for Distribution

The first thing to do is to establish a good distribution pipeline. As a tobacco retailer, you should aim to associate with companies that will help you with marketing. There are some distributors that offer certain marketing programs, which have been designed specifically for the tobacco industry.

When you’re making certain decisions such as how to source items that are non-prescribed, like over the counter, ask around about point-of-purchase displays and co-op advertising funds.

Wholesalers that are into these operations are always trying to pair with new businesses and as such, they provide various programs that are geared towards assisting independent retailers.

  1. Advertise special or rare products

To get the attention of both distributors as well as consumers, you need to advertise services and products that your competition do not have. For example, advertising certain rare home products can make a great difference even if such items are not too profitable.

By allying with a company which specializes in these kinds of products, you’ll be able to advertise certain in-home services that are being provided by a reputable and established outside company. In turn, the company will be referring their customers to your store.

  1. Online Presence

A lot of distributor and customers do their health research and shopping online. This highlights how important online presence should be to your tobacco store. It may come in form of a custom website, on review platforms such as Yelp, or social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. To increase your chances, you can combine the three options.

As an independent tobacco retailer, you should also ensure your location is listed when using online search services such as Google Maps. This will ensure distributors and customers located or residing in your locality gets to easily see the location of your business when searching for information that’s related to tobacco or medicine.