How To Give Constructive Criticism In Tobacco Retail

People say that constructive criticism is positive because it points to areas demanding attention in a business organization. This cannot be denied but criticism, whether positive or negative, can bring out the lapses of an organization and there expose it to disapproval or embarrassment. The intention of the originator of the criticism could be amazing but customers, most times, see a criticized organization incapable, inefficient, and weak. Criticism can come up  at any time since you are in the business environment but you should be mindful of how you express it because there could be negative implications.

It should be noted that constructive criticism can help a business to meet its set goals because it enables the business to see areas that need urgent attention. By this, the business outfit can exert its authority in the industry. Away from the industry, let’s look at your personal tobacco retail store. You can criticize your employees constructively so that they can up their productive efforts but you have to be very careful with it. You have to be very careful because you might lower their morale and this will have negative impact on them and your tobacco business. However, you can make do with the tips below as you go for constructive criticism in your tobacco firm.

  1. Keep It Private: If you must criticize any of your employees, it must be in private so that other employees won’t look down on the affected employees. Doing this will allow your employee to work on their faults and issues without public humiliation. Ultimately, consulting them in private, helps both the employee and the company.
  2. Reel Out The Positive Aspect First: When you criticize your employees, start by noting the amazing contributions of the affected employees. After this, you can delve into the areas that need attention and before you know it, the affected employees will surely apologize and work things out. You want the employees to be receptive to your suggestions and this is one potent way of achieving it.
  3. Don’t Compare Employees: It is normal to see some employees perform their obligations better than the others but this shouldn’t give room to comparison. You can only create enmity in the workplace if you chose to compare employees and this will surely spell doom for your tobacco business.
  4. Don’t Be Personal: If you must criticize an employee, it should not be personal. You should not allow your personal sentiments to control you in the course of correcting your employees. Criticism must be borne out of genuine love and admiration for your employees and your business.

These are some of ways you can go about your constructive criticism in your work place.