How To Differentiate Your Tobacco Products

If you are preparing to unveil your very first tobacco product or you are considering putting out another product, you certainly need to consider differentiation. You will discover that making sales could be difficult if your product does not differ in a significant way from that of your competitors.

What aids customers in noticing you is differentiation. You certainly do not want your product not to be distinguishable from just about every other tobacco product out there.

It is important that you create a product that is quite different from the others on the market. Branding does not guarantee increased sales because even if you put a great logo on a product that is shoddy, you won’t sell much. But if you discover that your product is more or less like that of your competitor, it you must work on your branding to differentiate yourself.

If you are competing against an analogous product, putting more ingenious dynamism into your branding might put you at an advantage. You may want to hire a professional to handle the branding of your products.

The contents inside of the packaging may be the same, but creating a unique and high quality design will help set you apart.

Packaging is another method of differentiation. Ask yourself these questions: can you change the packaging of your products to make it stick out on any shelf crowded with products?

Packaging can take on many forms and can really help boost your product sales. However, you must tread carefully as you don’t want to create packaging that turns off your customers. Better creativity in packaging is capable of differentiating your product to your advantage.

You can also distinguish your tobacco products simply by adding an ingredient or feature. Differentiation of your product can be achieved by the addition of one simple ingredient or feature.

This could only be a minor change. It doesn’t have to be a major one because a singular alteration in the design is capable of being a good distinction to other brands. You can further up the ante by highlighting a feature in your tobacco product.

If you have an ingredient in your mix that no other competitor is highlighting on their product, you can take advantage of that. Highlight the ingredient(s) and its benefits on your product and this will make your product stick out to prospective customers.

If you take time to examine your product, you will find out that there are one or two features that you can promote to achieve a differentiation on the market. The best part is that these features are already part of your product, so it will cost you little or nothing to promote them.

If you are finding it difficult to come up with ways to differentiate your products, select three of your competitors and find time to examine the reviews they get. Seek out the common complaints and find a way to use what you find to your own advantage.

In conclusion, imagine your product was on a shelf beside four other strong brands that sell similar products. Now ask yourself why a customer will choose your product after examining all the products on the shelf. The answer to that question should give you a clue as to how you can achieve a major differentiation.