How To Cultivate Brand Evangelists

Customers purchase products and services. Brand evangelists go a step further by preaching the products that they have purchased. They are customers that are highly pleased and they are just happy to sing your praises from high places.

Brand evangelists transcend the ordinary customer purpose of just purchasing your product and/or service. They don’t disappear after a purchase, they instead ensure that everyone knows about you.

As far as your brand evangelists are concerned, your services and products are second to none. The best part, however, is that these people don’t cost you any money because they are disseminating the love of their own volition.

Although some brand evangelists jump forward on their own due to their passion, there are ways you can cultivate ordinary customers into vibrant evangelists. This article provides insights on how you can grow your customer’s loyalty and sustain your evangelists.

  1. Customer Service and Feedback

This is a gold mine for prospective evangelists. Reach out to your customers and hear them out. This tells you what customers think as the best as well as the worst features of your tobacco products.

Customers will tell you how you can make your tobacco product stand out from the competition. Considering the feedbacks and taking action on it will convince your customers you are concerned about their needs and this will motivate them to evangelize your brand.

  1. Research

Customers will become brand evangelists only when they feel they are using the very best of products available. Invest in market research so that you can find out what people have to say concerning your competitors. Pinpoint why your competitors are preferred over you.

Take actions based on this information. Adjust your products, promotion or brand messaging according to your discovery. Then communicate these changes across all available channels to your customers/potential evangelists to convince them that you have heard them.

  1. Use Social Media Judiciously

If you want your customers to talk about your service or product, provide them with something worth discussing. No one will desire to evangelize your brand if they reckon your product to be unreliable, unnecessary or just like the others. Your product must be unique and innovative.

Then make your company accessible on social media. Respond to your customers online. This connects you to them and when you interact positively with them, their friends would join in the conversation and so the original contact becomes an evangelist for you.

Provide an avenue for your customers to share their experience on social media. Happy and satisfied customers can through this method become brand evangelists. Also, you can cultivate brand evangelists by providing rewards for promoting your business online.

  1. Convenience

Making simpler processes like learning about your services and products, getting help and signing up, goes a long way in turning customers into brand evangelists. The convenience factor goes a long way in businesses today.

  1. Happy Employees

This cannot be overemphasized. Employees are the heart of any business. It’s your employees that are in constant contact with your customers and that means the way they portray your company is how the customers see it.

Therefore, it is essential that employees and their happiness be prioritized. The way employees relate to customers is capable of turning ordinary customers into great brand evangelists. So, take good care of your employees and they will take good care of your customers.