How to Create Promotional Video for your product

In the tobacco world, there are a lot of brands fighting for the attention of both distributors and consumers as well. Tobacco retailers need to carefully craft their promotion and marketing strategies so that people will find their products to be credible.

Consumers should be intrigued by promotional and product advertising within legal boundaries.

Research showed that it takes a regular person less than 1 minute to actually decide whether to buy a product or not. To help your customers make this decision, create a good promotional video for the products or services you offer. A recent survey by Video Rascal revealed that 86% of people decide to purchase after watching the accompanying explaination video.

Promotional videos can help the business of a tobacco retail store by helping you determine the number of people that visit your site and which of them are potential customers.

A lot of businesses analyze how popular their products are in order to predict sales. Each video should display a good number of views, thereby showcasing interest towards certain products. Promotional videos have proved themselves as a great marketing tool to boost a business.

Steps on How to Create a Promotional Video

  1. Strategic Planning

As an independent retailer, you’ll first need to identify strategic goals and purpose to the story.

You’ll need to properly consider the purpose of your promo video. Start by making a creative brief as well as defining the outline of the story. Now consider the aim, genre and the general target audience for your videos.

You’ll also need to work out some important things such as storyboard, script, and budget.

  1. Pre-Production

This is the part where a retailer plans the aspects that are technical before making and filming your promotional video.

Once the strategic goals have been determined, you’ll need to start working on how those goals will be achieved and also develop a solid plan from a technical standpoint on how to go about the production of the video.

  1. Production

This part involves the filming of the promotional video.

As an independent tobacco retailer, it is time to put the strategies and plans into action.

This is the part where you visit the video location accompanied by your crew. You will prepare the interview subjects and then setup the audio equipment, light equipment, and the camera.

You can now film your video.

  1. Post-Production

Now, you can edit your promo video.

Since you’re done filming the promotional video, you can now import the clips and then use an editing app to edit everything. Add graphics and audio and also fine-tune the sound and visuals.

  1. Marketing and Distribution

This part involves sharing and distributing your promo video. Once you’ve finished polishing your video through editing, you will need to promote and distribute it through search-engine optimization (SEO), various media, and sharing.

Professional video marketers commonly use the five steps and stages mentioned above. It is worthy to note that video producers that are not professionals usually focus on only the production stages, or steps 2 to 4.

However, to get the best out of promotional videos, independent retailers need to implement all the 5 steps, as they are all important. This will help create awareness and attract more people and thereby, boosting sales.