How To Approach A Retailer About Carrying Your Product

Many months have gone by, passion, sweat and dedication have all gone into this masterpiece. It is finally ready, the product you have always had in your mind has come into reality. You have successfully completed this challenge. However, there is an even bigger hurdle to cross, how do you make your product available to the public? Cue in the retailers; their job is to make your product available in the local stores and supermarkets. Another challenge pops up; retailers have limited space and budget to spend on introducing a new product into the market. So how do you sell your product idea to a retailer who is not willing to take on a new product?

The first step is to conduct proper research on the type of retailer you want to carry your product. There are a lot of retailers in business today; identifying one that best suits your product will be the first step. You can also research on local stores, identify the gaps where your product can fit in and establish it. Know what other products are in competition with yours, retailers always want to know what makes your product different. It will be necessary to include information about your product, how your company wants to sell and distribute, prices, volume discounts, brochures and other marketing strategies that will attract the customers. Let the retailer know you understand what it takes to get your product up there.

The internet has come here to stay and as such you can take advantage of the opportunities that it presents. You can use social media to garner positive feedback about your product and present the evidence to the retailer. At this point the retailer sees that your product has sales potential therefore has no choice than to buy. Furthermore, prepare a solid presentation of your findings to the retailer. Show that you are passionate about your product; include key facts to alleviate all doubts in the retailers mind. You could also bring product samples and promotional materials that the retailer could examine after your presentation. Be confident of your product but don’t be too pushy.

One way to approach a retailer to carry your product is by visiting local stores. Before making it into the big leagues of retail, you could first approach these local stores around you. Let’s see how they will take your product and whatever feedback you get could be used to fine-tune the product. The feedback will also build confidence when facing a big time retailer. In addition to approaching local stores, you could meet distributors if your product wishes to reach a wider scope. Retailers feel comfortable doing business with distributors whom they have an existing relationship with, therefore find out who these distributors are and break into the retailers.

Finally, in a bid to persuade the retailer to take on your product, your company should have a credible reputation. Retailers will run away from a product already tainted by a bad reputation. Ensure that all loose ends have been tightened and assure the retailer of your credibility. Also, your product should be of good quality, smooth and should meet the needs of the potential buyers.