How Criticism Can Help Your Tobacco Business Grow

Growth in business occurs as a result of loyalty of customers and a growth trajectory that keeps expanding. When your business faces criticisms, you are tempted to take it negatively and react accordingly.

However, the important thing is what you take away from the criticisms that come your way as a tobacco-related company. Criticism should be used in a positive way to grow and establish your business.

Either your tobacco business is big or small, especially if it’s small, it’s essential for you as a business owner to cultivate a tough skin as it would help you scale the numerous challenges that come your way.

This article shows you how to grow and improve your business using the criticisms you face.

  1. Detach Yourself Emotionally

Having established a business in which a lot is at stake and one that you are passionate about, it’s only natural to want to take criticisms personally. Do not be overwhelmed by criticisms. Rather consider it as a way to view your business through the eyes of an outsider.

This will afford you a whole new and useful perspective. Also, it’s an important feedback from your customer and it’s capable of helping you improve your business. So, don’t take it personally. Use the information to move your business forward instead.

  1. Find A Mentor

As you grow your business, having a mentor and a sturdy support system is essential. Learn from your mentors who have perfected ways to react positively to criticism. This will go a long way in helping you grow your business and also help you to engage with your customers more and in a better way.

  1. Sift Away Unproductive Criticism

Learn to glean motivational feedback from the criticism you receive. Review your criticism to know if someone is just being unnecessarily difficult, aiming to put you down for no reason or really making sense. Learn to take only the productive feedback from your critics.

  1. Consult With Trusted Folks

Assess the criticism your business gets with colleagues that you trust. Advice from unbiased people who do not always agree with you will help you respond to your critics in the right way and ultimately help your business grow.

  1. Make Changes and Promote Them

After receiving negative reviews, make changes accordingly to show your customers that you have heard them. Once you have made these changes, make sure to promote them so that your customers would know you have their interests at heart. This will also silence your critics.

Using social media platforms, inform your customers of the improvements and adjustments you have made based on their criticism. This will please them and strengthen their loyalty to your company’s benefit. Customers trust you more when they feel they are being listened to.

On the whole, criticisms should help your business to adapt and grow once you look at it as an avenue for you to improve, get better and grow. Positive reviews let you know what you are doing right and negative ones let you know what to improve on.

One review from a customer is capable of impacting your business significantly. It can open your eyes to flaws and opportunities you didn’t see before. With the right attitude and disposition, criticisms will help your business move forward.