Hot Merchandising Trends

In today’s world of connected consumers who expect new experiences every time and personalization in retailing services, traditional retail is constantly being shaken up. Most companies now trust their cash majorly on various unique ways in satisfying the consumers so as to maintain their relationship with the consumers.

Five of the major hot trends in this tobacco industry are:

  1. Brick-and-mortar businesses reinvention

Retailers are now redefining meaning to physical locations. Instead of opening a retail outlet or store, they are now engaging in exploration of the new brick and mortar strategy—where they will open stores under a specific brand name. For instance,  tobacco retail outlet that tags a mall in a brand’s name, where consumers are treated to gifts for purchasing goods in the outlet.

This type of next-generation invention will serve as reasons for consumers to visit storefronts not just because of the products, but there will be a more emotional connection with the brands by the retailer.

  1. Visual search

Visual search technology employs machines to search and recommend products online to a consumer based on matching attributes searched such as; shape, size, patterns, or taste.

Rather than searching based on words, a consumer just needs to snap a photo of the desired tobacco product to bring relevant search results.

These results are faster discoveries of relevant products that the consumer is likely interested in.

This merchandising trend is particularly in line with tobacco retailers that own large retail stores and outlets.

  1. Consumer control delivery and returns

Most consumers today want instant gratification. They demand products that are available when they want them.  Some among tobacco brand retailers already give the consumers the control over the stipulations on delivery. This makes consumers feel they are in command and in charge as this helps in increasing their interest in the retailer because they are treated well.

  1. Deeply personalized and predictive experiences

In 2017, Salesforce research results discovered that 50% of consumers will likely switch brands if a company fails to anticipate their desires and needs.

Innovative tobacco companies are starting to use presumptuous innovative machines, research machines and artificial intelligence to anticipate and predict consumer behaviors and generate right-on messaging on product recommendations and services that will suit the condition or situation of the consumer.

  1. Curated subscription services

Tobacco consumers these days expect detailed and well-tailored experiences on the path of the retailers.

As a result of this, tobacco retailers are always on their heels in seeking out deeply rooted information about brands and product to be provided readily for consumers.

Even, traditional retailers are also on the trend, making serious efforts into provision of new avenues for product discovery information and also gaining invaluable information and insights on consumer wants for certain products.

Some tobacco retailers will give consumers various options on a particular search by the consumer just to fully satisfy them.

Though some of these trends are already making way in the tobacco industry, engaging in them as a tobacco retailer will be of greater benefit in increasing interest of products by consumers from your outlets.