Gleeb Kit

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About Gleeb Kit

Gravity bongs are considered the most efficient smoking devices on the market today. Start by filling the outer-cup with water. Then pack the bowl with dry herb and insert it into the glass bottle. Light the bowl and lift the glass bottle at the same time. Once the bottle is full of smoke, remove the bowl and place your mouth over the neck, inhaling as you lower the bottle. The Gleeb will give you a dense, pressurized hit with no loss of smoke in the process.

About the Gleeb Kit:

The only portable & discreet glass gravity bong available
100% quality inspected by both manufacturer and 3rd party
Can set up anywhere in seconds
Thick, durable glass

Gleeb Gravity Bong Kit Includes:

Gleeb Glass Gravity Bong
Gleeb Cup
14mm Bowl
Smell Proof Bowl Container
Gleeb Grinder
2 Feet Hemp Wick
Product Dimensions: 2.75″ x 2.75″ x 9″

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