7 Traits of a Good Salesperson

A popular expression goes that: “You are not just selling a product; rather, you’re actually selling yourself.” This adage is so common among sales people that it is often considered cliché nowadays. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

As an independent retailer, you need to understand before hiring a salesperson that the quality of the service or product you sell is equally as important as who is selling it. Independent pharmacies need to realize that the qualities of a great salesperson should lie in a well-balanced combination of attitudes, habits, personal skills and qualities.

During the process of application and interviewing, there’s a good opportunity to consider and determine the person’s expertise and qualifications as well as have a good sense of their style and how they engage and interact with others and the world at large.

Because the work of a salesperson in a tobacco store requires precision and delicacy due to the nature of some products, identifying these traits are just as vital as experience.

Independent pharmacies should look out for many traits when trying to select the best people for their sales team. However, these 7 traits can be considered as most important.

  1. Charisma

Every good salesperson should be able to make you, his/her coworkers, and the customers eat out of his/her hands very easily and quickly. As a tobacco retail store, the business of the salesperson usually involves communicating, assisting and trying to connect with the consumers. You can teach a salesperson about new products but it will much more difficult to teach the person how to make people like them.

It will be difficult to make sales if the sales representative isn’t likeable.

  1. The Trifecta: Personality, Drive and Intelligence

There are some roles in an independent retail store where people can work with just one specialized skill. Sales representative is not one of those roles. An independent pharmacy’s salesperson must be personable, driven and intelligent.

The combination of these personal attributes will ensure they’ll be able to face the buyers as well as make the sale or close the deal. This can also help your business in another way by building relationships with the consumers.

  1. Empathy

Because most of the products and services people get from a tobacco store are usually personal, a good salesperson should be able to properly relate with the consumers and assist them to choose the right products or solutions.

This shows empathy is a vital quality. It may be in form of listening, relating to the customers through conversion, or genuinely caring for people. This will make your clients loyal to your store.

  1. Product Knowledge and Existing Relationships

Building and managing relationships with people is a great attribute, which every salesman should have. People consume most of the products sold in tobacco retail stores, so it is also important to hire a salesperson that has prior knowledge of many medical related products. He/she should be able to properly articulate the value of your products.

  1. Confidence

Every retail businessman should hire salespeople that are confident and are a little arrogant. He/she should also have a good personality and give out an aura of confidence. The kind of people that doesn’t let go of chances and opportunities.

  1. People Skills

A good salesperson needs to have what is known as “people skills”. This means the person has to be easy to have a conversation with, patient, respectful, and also pick up on various social hints. He/she should be able to balance between talking and listening.

  1. Tenacity

A tobacco retailer should try to first test a salesperson candidate in various ways before finally hiring them. You can ask him/her for a presentation during the interview by selling your product. You can also reject the person to see how they take it. The purpose of this is to hire a really tenacious salesperson that is willing to sell products and close deals.