5 Tips On How To Make Your Website Work For You

A lot of businesses try to get people to visit their websites by using certain strategies such as Pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. These business owners think these strategies are the only way to get traffic and new customers.

Tobacco retailers shouldn’t forget that before these strategies can work, the website must be user-friendly. If the traffic on your website is on the rise but you are not really gaining new customers, or the bounce rate of the website is high, then we can say your website isn’t really working for you.

Explained below are 5 tips on how you can make your website work to your advantage. These improvements will help any business person convert the people visiting your website into customers. Every independent pharmacy should try to make the best use of these tips.

  1. Contact Information

As a retailer, make it easy for people to contact you after they’ve visited your website. This may be in person, through phone, online contact forms, or email. If this information isn’t available to your visitors, it is likely they’ll leave.

Address: This assures your visitors that the tobacco store they’re viewing is a local one as this is usually the purpose of most searches. Many people will visit your official website with the sole aim of finding your address. This means you need to make the information easy to locate and read.

Phone number: Ensure you show your phone number in large font and make it easy to find and read. Display it on all the pages of your website. You can also implement click-to-call in order to make it easier when using mobile phone to call.

Contact Form: A lot of people searching usually look for services and products after regular business hours. This means including a contact form feature on your website is important. These forms should not be too long (about 3-4 fields) and quite easy to fill out. To make it better, you can incorporate the contact form into every product or service page. This will make it easier for people to reach you without leaving a particular page.

In order to aid your SEO strategy and also convert visitors to customers, it is important to incorporate those 3 elements.

  1. Upload Unique Contents

Tobacco retailers should know that contents are very important. This doesn’t mean copying from another website and pasting the content in yours. This is called plagiarism and search engines will likely penalize you for it.

There are ways to get unique contents. Two simple ways of getting content is by posting write-up about the products or services you offer and your business.

When writing about the Business, it may be in form of a team page, about page, or a blog that updates people about the company activities.

When writing about your products and services, try giving specific information. This is for both the search engines and your visitors.

  1. Integrate Your Tools

As an independent retail store, your official website shouldn’t be user-friendly to only your visitors or customers, but also to you.

When you integrate the tools you’ve been using already into your website, you’ll be boosting your marketing potential.

You can increase conversion by including a calendar that sets appointments. You can also better manage your sales and leads by integrating your CRM.

  1. Use good Call to Actions

This means you should try to direct your visitors by telling them what to do. For instance, “PRESS HERE”. It may seem subliminal but it actually works. It provides an answer to the question, “Now What?” when visitors are trying to decide on something.

  1. Use Word Press

If you can’t work easily with your website and this makes you hesitant about updating it, you probably should start thinking about a nice website redesign.

Consider using a CMS or Content Management System such as Word Press. This will make it easier for you to manage your contents, videos, images and all other data without have to know how to code.