5 Tips on How to Connect With Your Ideal Customer through Instagram

Instagram is not just a platform where you keep your followers and customers in the loop, it is also a place where you can give your brand a major boost.

Tobacco retailers can grow a large community of interactive people on Instagram.

In order to be successful and connect with people on Instagram, you’ll need to first build a community.  It is very important to have good engagement on Instagram but it’s not that easy to achieve. As an independent retailer, before you begin to monetize, you’ll first need to converse and build rapport with your audience.

There are some behaviors and techniques on Instagram that have been proven to work and which many brands that are successfully growing their businesses implement.

Here are 5 of them:

  1. The contents you post should have value

As a retailer, it is not always about telling people about your services and products because many of them don’t actually care unless they have been searching for you specifically. This means the contents you post on Instagram should be entertaining, educational, motivating, informational, inspiring and funny.

Because most of the products and services you offer as a tobacco retailer are for personal use, the value you deliver should be based on the medical or pharmaceutical industry as well as considering your target audience.

This will help you attract and connect with your ideal follower and also ensure they keep coming back to your Instagram page for more.

  1. Tag brands or People

Whenever you post your content, make sure you tag the brands or individuals in the photo. This way, your followers will discover those you align or associate yourself with and they’ll be able to easily access or find their accounts.

You’ll be making things easy for your ideal customers and thereby giving an additional value.

  1. Create your own custom hashtag and encourage your followers to use it

Tobacco retailers can derive much success by using a custom hashtag on Instagram. When you participate in things like Google Hangout, Webinar, Podcast, Conference, or live events, you could use the same unique hashtag.

One of the reasons why using custom hashtags on Instagram is great is that you get a quick snapshot into the activities and lives of your followers.

It is important to inform people about what your custom hashtags are as well as what you want your followers to use it for. If you give them directions that are clear enough, they’ll do it.

  1. Include a CTA or Call-to-Action

Tobacco retailers need to tell their audience on Instagram what they want them to actually do. You need to think about how to direct a person that just discovered your account on Instagram. You have two opportunities to do this.

The first is in your Instagram bio, you need to make use of your URL. On Instagram, this is practically the only place on Instagram where you can add a live link. Generally, brands and people use it to direct their followers to their website. However, you can change the link to suit whatever activities are going on in your retail business.

  1. Add Geo-tags to your posts

Since tobacco stores have an actual location, you should definitely add Geo-tags to your posts on Instagram. Geo-tagging your posts will make the platform curate them with other pictures in the location you specified.

This means anyone that clicks onto that particular location will see your pictures.

Your ideal customers can now visit your location map on Instagram and then get directions on how to get to the location of your store.