5 Things to Do After Work to Become More Productive

At the end of a workday, say 4:50 pm, you could be feeling sore, flat and spent. This may be because you spent all day fighting distractions, ingesting caffeine, staying awake, and trying hard to get things done.

Naturally, the end of the workday is usually the least productive but this article will show you how to preserve your energy and bring a great amount of productivity to your whole work experience.

As a tobacco retailer, the closing time is not fixed and is usually irregular, don’t stress, these strategies will work no matter when you choose to leave work. You can even tweak this method so as to increase the productivity and flow of your personal/home life.

The reason we’ll be focusing on the end of your workday is because it is usually the least productive. Energies are spent, the mind is taxed, inbox is full and our attention is all over the place.

It is advisable to start this process about half an hour before you bring your workday to an end. Here are the strategies:

  1. Respond to A Lot Of Emails

To begin this after work process, it is recommended to first respond as many e-mails as you can in a 30-minute span. Most of the relevant e-mails come in during your workday hours. Responding to about 80% of them can help you effectively reduce the workload for the next day.

You can really increase your productivity by eliminating email creep.

  1. Turn Off Your Mobile Device and Computer

This point is very important. Turning off your device will put up a kind of barrier to e-mails that keeps on invading.

If you use your device or computer to take notes or schedule your day, you’ll likely want to leave them on.

You need to close all notifications or programs that allow chat messages or e-mail to invade your after-work productivity preparations.

The main focus is starting fresh and clean.

  1. Perform a Brain Dump

List out everything important that’s on your mind that you really need to do. Work to-dos, personal to-dos and family to-dos. These things may be random but vital.

The aim of carrying out a brain dump is reducing mental clutter.  The fact is that productivity has more to do with mental control rather than various timesaving techniques.

Performing a brain dump will help you clear your mind and set distractions aside.

  1. Make Plans For Next Day

Planning your day ahead is very important. A productivity expert revealed that it’s likely that “you spend less time doing things and more on hacking your to-do list.”

When you begin your day with planning, you’ll end up wasting a lot of productive time doing nothing but planning.

Always make plans before the next day comes.

  1. Clean Your Office

This is a great productivity hack to help boost productivity. The office space is generally called an “environmental factor”. It has been proven that your environment’s condition affects how you work and think.

Job performance can really be crippled if the office is cluttered. The simple fact is that cleaning your office will make you more productive. You’ll be eliminating the time wasted on searching for and collecting information.

Tidying up will also help bring closure to your day. It provides a good stopping point.

The most important thing is that it will give you a sense of energy and renewal for the next day.