5 Apps You Should Know About

There are far too many jobs to be done and assignments to be completed in little time. It’s your utmost aim to be able to accomplish all that you have laid out to do before it’s time to go home for the day.

Failure to accomplish tasks is a perpetual cause of frustration and is capable of affecting the productivity of your organization.

However, there are a host of tools and applications to select from that are capable of helping make your life easier as well as allowing you to run your business effortlessly. This article covers 5 top applications that can assist you and your enterprise.

  1. Evernote

The app can be found at www.evernote.com. Evernote brands itself as the application to assist you in the collection, nurturing and sharing of ideas easily, either with others or with your own self. On a global scale, about 20,000 companies are already deploying Evernote to increase productivity.

With the app, it’s possible for you to create sketches, documents, to-do lists and more, as well as easily and quickly locate these entries when in need of them thanks to advanced searching and support systems for several devices and platforms.

The basic version of the app is free. There is a plus version and a premium version. The plus version allows up to 1GB uploads for a month while the premium version affords as much as 10GB space for uploads in a month. The pricing can be found on their website.

  1. G Suite

This can be found on gsuite.google.com. It’s an ever-present filing cabinet. It’s a safe cloud-based storage. G suite comprises a handful of functional and essential Google apps which are just a click away.

There is a plus with this app because you can work together with colleagues in both real-time or at your preferred times. This can be achieved by using inbuilt comment and revision tools. The pricing which differs based on the desired package can be found on their website.

  1. Office 365

Their website is Microsoft. This is for those who prefer Office suite to Google. The affordable app contains all the familiar Microsoft Office products. There are some additional services like Yammer, SharePoint, Sway and online video meetings.

You can download the free tablet/smartphone apps, or the PC/Mac version meaning you could always be on top of your work. Also, check their website for pricing.

  1. Slack

The app can be found on www.slack.com. Contrary to what the name suggests, it’s an app that boosts productivity. According to its developers it brings all the people and pieces you need together in order to really get things accomplished.

The app can be used for work by small teams and the entire company can pay for a corporate plan. Slack for teams, for 3-1000 users, is free but there is a premium paid-for version with a lot of enhanced features.

  1. Trello

www.trello.comis the app’s website. This is a good application for managing projects and teams. It’s free, mobile, infinitely flexible and very easy to utilize. It’s an app that keeps tracks of it all, from the large picture down to the little details.

It’s a fun to use application which signing up to is free. However, extra functionality comes at a cost. Enterprise pricing, depends on the individual needs of your organization.